Opening Academic Year 2021-2022: welcoming students at the MSM campus again!


On 27 September 2021, MSM celebrated the official opening of the Academic Year 2021-2022. With the Covid-19 measures being eased, it was a special moment to welcome the new students on the MSM campus again.

The opening marked the start of the Master’s journey for 22 Master in Management students and 31 Full-time MBA students. Not all students were able to already join the opening on campus, due to travel restrictions or quarantine obligations, but they could follow the ceremony online.

In his word of welcome for the new students, MSM CEO and Dean a.i., Mr. Meinhard Gans, referred to the pandemic as a life changing event and a reality check for leadership and management. Apart from the pandemic, he addressed other current leadership challenges, such as climate change, the changing patterns of globalization and the impact of technology on our daily life and on organizations. He provided the students with a clear message for the future: “It is up to you, the new generation of leaders and managers, to address these challenges and to find the solution for these - a daunting and challenging task.”

Director of Academics, Dr. Stuart Dixon, warned the students that it will not going to be an easy year, and that they will learn a lot of topics, such as Strategy, Marketing, Finance, Accounting: “Some you will like more, and some you will like less. But we hope that by the end of the year the program has made you a different person. Part of the challenge we have, is to change the way that you think about the world around you.”

Director of Education, Mr. Dave Cass highlighted the importance of being a team player: “The distinctions we made and why we selected you is based on your ability to play well with others.”  He also emphasized the importance of the relationships built throughout the year which may have an impact on the rest of the students’ lives. Additionally, he encouraged the students to take part in extra-curricular activities, such as the Internet of Things and SDG challenges and invited them to get to know the people across the different departments within MSM.

Vincent Brenninkmeyer shared his last year’s experiences from the Master in Management program, and how the pandemic had an influence on his study experience. He urged the students online to come to Maastricht as soon as they can, as being on campus will offer them a so much better experience. He stressed the importance of team building and making interactions with the other groups of students on the campus. He also had one very important message for the new students: “Be inclusive! Invite the person that is shy to come with you, to go beyond their boundaries and to get out of their comfort zone.”

Amrapali Thakur explained how she joined the Full-time MBA after 16 years of working experience and the difficulties she faced in getting back to student life, her struggles with time management and how reaching out to people helped her getting back on track. This was also her major piece of advice to the new students: “Your hard work, your motivation and your excitement will take you a long way, but you can make it a bit easier on yourself by just reaching out to people in case you are stressed.” She also advised to go out and explore the city of Maastricht: “It’s a beautiful city, a fairytale city and you will love it.”

The new Master in Management and Full-time MBA students will follow a two-week introduction program filled with introductory sessions, workshops and teambuilding activities, before starting the actual courses on 11 October 2021.

We wish all students a successful, enriching and fun study experience at MSM!

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