Teaching Entrepreneurship Summit: MSM shares knowledge on psychology of entrepreneurship


On 3-4 May 2018 the Global Business School Network presented the Teaching Entrepreneurship Summit in Casablanca, Morocco. Participants from 14 countries were present to share their experiences on this very important topic. From MSM Honorary Professor in Entrepreneurship Development Josette Dijkhuizen was present and shared a presentation on psychology of entrepreneurship.

Research shows the importance of more psychological aspects of enterprising, like self-esteem, self-confidence, and optimism. This personal empowerment progress comes before enterprise development. The session presented the outcomes of a specific program that has been able to incorporate personal empowerment training to help foster strong entrepreneurs in challenging environments, like abused women, and refugees.

The summit was followed by very interesting presentations and panel debates on issues as family businesses, women entrepreneurship and the outcomes of a personal initiative training in Sub Saharan Africa. On the last day social entrepreneurship got attention with different young nascent entrepreneurs talking about their first stages of impactful enterprising. Summits like this show the importance of sharing knowledge and experience for the better of the entrepreneurs across the globe.

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