MSM shares knowledge on open innovation policies and methods in Brussels


Dr. Andreas Zynga, Professor of Practice in Strategy and Academic Coordinator of the MME-programs at MSM, recently participated in a one day workshop in Brussels to share his knowledge and thoughts on Open Innovation Policies and Methods.

The audience was a gathering – around 20 selected innovation support practitioners from universities, regional development agencies, SME support agencies and tech transfer/innovation consultancies. The European Commission was also represented. The one thing the group members all had in common is that they all pursue open innovation strategies to help companies and entrepreneurs innovate successfully. Due to the group size there was ample opportunity for discussion and positioning.

The day started with short presentations by the European Commission representatives, and then presentations by Open Innovation Practitioners, of which Dr. Zynga gave one of the three presentations. During his presentation Dr. Zynga had the opportunity to highlight MSM, mentioning our Tech MBA and referred to consulting possibilities for which the audience showed immediate interest, specifically in Intellectual Property Rights in Open Innovation Settings.

The presentations were followed by more in-depth discussions between all parties. In the afternoon moderated sessions took place on creation of policy recommendations in the areas of HR, Innovation, and Technology for the short, medium and long term.

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