MSM participates in 14th procurement, integrity, management and openness (PRIMO) forum


Dr. Ramona Apostol and Dr. Anne Rainville, Research Fellows at the Corvers Chair in Innovation Procurement recently participated in the 14th PRIMO Forum in Bucharest, Romania. This years’ theme was on “Procurement Innovation and Strategy”.

The event was hosted this year by the Government of Romania, and was co-sponsored by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD), the Islamic Development Bank (IsDB) and the World Bank, in cooperation with the European Investment Bank (EIB), Asian Development Bank (ADB), SIGMA, OECD, and UNICTRAL.

Dr. Ramona Apostol presented on “Lessons learned & best practices on Innovation Procurement in Europe”. Dr. Ramona Apostol talked about regular procurement versus strategic procurement, innovation procurement and its rationale and definition, European support focusing on EAFIP, best practice examples and lessons learned. Dr. Anne Rainville focused on “The business case methodology for innovation procurement: theoretical basis and practical application”. Dr. Rainville presented her view on building a business case, conducting procurement, drafting tender documentation, contract management and qualification and scoping. Dr. Apostol and Dr. Rainville also participated in a panel discussion on “Innovation Procurement in Europe – Research and Practical Examples”, with panel moderator Mr. Jeff Taylor, Director of Procurement Division 1 of the Asian Development Bank.

Other presentations included innovation procurement cases from Poland, block chain in procurement in the US and an Innovation Procurement project for the care taker institutions in the Netherlands presented by Mrs. Analucia Jaramillo LL.M., Senior researcher W&T Vilans, Corvers Legal and Commercial Affairs.

More than 100 experts attended, including about 50 high-level government officials responsible for public procurement and anti-corruption in 19 countries, as well as representatives from IsDB, EBRD, EU, SIGMA, EIB, OECD, UNCITRAL, TI Ukraine, UNDP Ukraine, ILO-Turin, World Bank, and others. Speakers and participants from all participating countries presented and discussed their experiences in curbing corruption and fraud in public procurement.

The forum was concluded with TED-style talks from the participating countries on what they have done on procurement capacity and procurement system enhancement in their countries and group discussions on challenges and recommendation addressing procurement strategy and innovation, facilitated by Mr. Ahmed Merzouk, World Bank, Mr. Amirmehdi Asghari, Islamic Development Bank and Dr. Anne Rainville, Maastricht School of Management. Finally each country presented their action plans for the next 12 months taking into consideration what they learned at the PRIMO.

About the Corvers Chair in Innovation Procurement
MSM and Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs launched the Corvers Chair in Innovation Procurement in October 2016. The Chair is funded by Corvers Commercial and Legal Affairs and the holder is Professor Nicola Dimitri. He is academically supported by research fellows Dr. Anne Rainville and Dr. Ramona Apostol.

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