MSM Master in Management Students Present Digitalization Group Company Project to Nedschroef


A delegation of the Board of Koninklijke Nedschroef BV visited MSM on the 27th of February to attend the presentations of the group company project of the Master in Management students. The project was designed to give the Board viable ideas for digitalizing Nedschroef’s main processes.

The Nedschroef delegation consisted of MSM alumnus Dr. Markus Baum (Vice-President Sales), Ms. Michaela Kress (Director Global Human Resources) and Mr. Paul Raedts (CFO).

For Praveen Kumar, Master in Management student, the group company project was the perfect assignment to link theory to practice. “With the digitalization of the Nedschroef group company project I learned how and when to apply the theory acquired from Data analytics, Accounting, Economics, Digital Transformation and Finance. With the rapidly increasing technology and industrialization businesses continuously need to make developments in their organizational structure, implementations and current processes. Every challenge comes with many unexpected questions and need to be answered with great concern before the execution.”

At the end of the afternoon, all students received a certificate from Dr. Baum stating that they had been active participants in Nedschroef’s research on digitalization. Subhomoy Bandyopadhyay, Natania Bernice Leongson and Praveen Kumar Saragadam received the first price from Dr. Baum and were given a voucher to visit the VLN Endurance Championship 2018 at the Nordschleife Nürburgring in Germany.

Nedschroef was recently lauded by one of the Dutch national newspapers as one of the Netherlands’ top high tech companies as a producer of high-strength steel fasteners and machines. The company’s fasteners are predominantly sold to the world’s automobile producers.

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