MSM'S Dutch Master in Management student Tom Florie DJ's for 2000 people at Groove Garden Festival


Maastricht School of Management (MSM) attracts students from all over the world, including The Netherlands. Among them are young, ambitious entrepreneurs who enter MSM to connect the frameworks of management to their practice.

Meet Tom Florie, who started his own business in 2007. “I started DJing as DJ Flow Real and later in 2009 I started my own event organization called Mamacita! Events. With our team of professionals, we have created one of Limburg’s longest existing Urban-Caribbean music-oriented dance event. We have been touring on 15 locations and had more than 150 events in total. Since 2012, we are one of the official partners of Groove Garden, which is one of Limburg’s largest dance Festivals with 10.000 visitors a day in Sittard [NL]. We were hosting a stage at the festival, which started small in 2012, but has now grown out to a serious stage that held 2000 people on 26 May 2018.”

Even when Tom has been in the event business for a while, he was missing theoretical frameworks to legitimize what he was doing. “This is why I choose to join MSM’s Master in Management program last September. Until now this program has thought me a lot. I can integrate the knowledge in class directly to my own practice, which makes this program very interesting. The international setting, sharing experiences with 15 other nationalities makes this program even more complete.

After finishing his program at MSM, Tom is aiming for a management job in Healthcare. “I achieved my Bachelor’s in Social Work in 2011 and gained experience in this field since my graduation. It would be a great challenge, if I could combine my management and healthcare knowledge in the near future. My career mostly had two paths, so of course my part-time event organization will be existing as well.”