MSM congratulates Dr. Huub Mudde on his successful defense of his PhD dissertation


On Thursday 16 April 2020, Huub Mudde, Lecturer in Institutional Entrepreneurship at MSM, successfully defended his PhD dissertation Universities in the midst of society: entrepreneurship and youth employment in Ethiopia, Indonesia and the Palestinian Territories.

The dissertation analyses entrepreneurial characteristics of universities in Ethiopia, Indonesia and the Palestinian Territories. The study investigates how universities contribute to the region in which they operate, and in particular on how they prepare students for (self-)employment through entrepreneurship development. The study concludes that leadership matters: the more entrepreneurial universities were those in which exemplary leadership of the university president was able to sense and seize an external opportunity for the benefit of the university. Entrepreneurial activities were taking place at all the universities, in particular entrepreneurship education. However, the more entrepreneurial universities seem to ‘create’ more entrepreneurial graduates who are better able to create a job or to find a job than graduates from less entrepreneurial universities. For the full publication, follow this link

Fundamental to his choice to conduct research on universities in Ethiopia, the Palestinian Territories and Indonesia, is Huub Mudde’s work at MSM:
“Core to our work at MSM is supporting higher education institutes in developing countries. We assist them in achieving their ambition to become more relevant for the sustainable economic development of their country. Through education that meets the labor market needs of tomorrow and that inspires young people. Through research that helps solving important issues in society. And through community support. This suits me. I believe we are here for a purpose, to try to make the world a little bit better in togetherness. With such a job and ambition, working in Indonesia, Ethiopia and Palestine, a prominent issue was – and is – hitting me in the middle of my face. This is the issue of many young people that are struggling to find a decent job or living, in particular in Palestine and Ethiopia. The situation among university graduates in developing countries is critical. Thus, I was interested in which way universities address the issue of unemployment of their graduates and what they do to stimulate entrepreneurship”, he stated in his defense on the 'why' of his research.

Mr. Mudde was supervised by Prof. Dr. Gerard Pfann, Professor of Econometrics at Maastricht University and Prof. Meine Pieter van Dijk, Senior Project Consultant at MSM.

The successful defense was followed by an online reception to celebrate this important milestone and to give family, friends and colleagues the opportunity to personally congratulate Huub.

MSM management, faculty and staff would like to add special congratulations to Dr. Huub Mudde on this great achievement!

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