MSM-CENTRUM DBA students study Marketing and Management in Maastricht


From 27 May – 8 June 2019 MSM welcomed 24 students of the joint DBA program with CENTRUM in Peru. The students followed courses in Strategic Marketing and Strategic Management and Leadership.

“I have enjoyed this experience very much, from encountering a different teaching style to getting to know a new culture. It has been a very enriching experience which has enhanced my academic formation, challenged me intellectually and personally, and contributed to a better understanding of the world,” said Ms. Moscoso Ximena after the successful completion of both courses.

Fellow student Ms. Donozo Salazar Evelyn also valued the courses and in particular the advice on how to improve her research proposal: “We have received very useful and quality advice which we can all apply in the research field.” The lessons learned will also help her to better develop the capabilities in her organization and redefining the organizations’ investments.

During the Strategic Marketing course, the students were given more insights into how strategic marketing is an efficient way of conducting business as well as for achieving sustainable competitive advantage within a dynamic marketplace. The Strategic Marketing course  encouraged the students’ critical thinking and theoretical analysis of current trends in marketing strategy design and implementation. Up-to-date literature on marketing strategy and planning supported the course.

During the Strategic Management and Leadership course the students focused on the various issues associated with strategic management and leadership. The focus was on the analysis of the strategic environment, and the identification of a firm’s resources and capabilities. Additionally, the students focused on corporate level strategies and organizational structure elements. The various types of leadership and their impact on corporate level strategies were also discussed. All the strategic management and leadership concepts were linked to existing published evidence.

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