MSM and Peregrine Global Services to offer executive courses on quality assurance in higher education


MSM is now offering two new Executive Courses in Quality Assurance in Higher Education and Assurance of Learning in collaboration with Peregrine Global Services. MSM’s Dean Professor Wim Naudé and President and CEO of Peregrine Global Services, Dr. Olin Oedekoven signed the contract in London on 1 February 2018.

The Quality Assurance in Higher Education program is a 5 day course which will be offered as an open enrollment course in October 2018. The Assurance of Learning is a 4 day course. Both programs are also available for delivery on location as tailor made courses.

Quality Assurance has been of outmost importance for Higher Education institutions. It is the defining attribute in creating value for the students and stakeholders. It is also a differentiator for institutions and allows for greater transparency while preparing institutions for national and international accreditations.

Assurance of Learning is part of the Quality Assurance cycle, concentrating on the process of setting and meeting Student Learning Outcomes, ensuring the institutions deliver on their promise of quality education. The programs are going to combine the unique knowledge of MSM lecturers who have set up institutional quality assurance processes, lead institutions through national and international accreditations, served on site visit panels and on boards of international accreditors with experts from Peregrine Global Services. Peregrine Global Services is a globally recognized leader in providing online assessment services, online educational services, and higher education support services to institutions of higher education and academic organizations for decades.

More information on the programs will be available on the MSM Executive Education website soon.

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