Meet MSM's staff members: Introducing Yolanda Nijsten


At MSM we are proud of the more than 40 staff members who are committed and eager to fulfill our mission in offering management and entrepreneurship education, advice and research to individuals and organizations from all over the world. To become more acquainted with our staff members and to show you how it feels for them working at MSM we will each month highlight one of our staff members. This month the spotlight will be on Yolanda Nijsten.

Let me introduce myself…
My name is Yolanda Nijsten and I am working as financial officer at MSM. I graduated in Payroll administration at ARCUS college (formerly named MEAO, Middelbaar Economisch Administratief Onderwijs) and earned a Modern Accountancy degree at the Handelschool in Maastricht. Before joining MSM I have been working as accountant at ABC Beton in Geleen.

In my postion as financial officer at MSM I am responsible for the administration of the suppliers, the declarations of staff members and guest lectures. I have to ensure that all the expenses are booked correctly and that all payments are processed within the agreed timeframe. Furthermore I am responsible for the administrations of our scholarship students. The fun thing is that I am connected with all the departments at MSM, because each one of them has activities with financial consequences.

You can be an accountant in every company, but the diversity in cultures is what makes my job so attractive...
The best part of my job is that I get in contact with students from all over the world with all kind of nationalities, backgrounds and cultures. You can be an accountant in every company, but the diversity in cultures is what makes my job at MSM so attractive.

In my spare time you can often find me…
Walking in southern Limburg… I really love the hilly Limburg landscape! Besides walking I do some volunteer work for an outdoor swimming pool in Geulle. This swimming pool is only for members and I am responsible for the membership administration. In this job I operate independently and the knowledge and experience I gain in my daily job at MSM is a perfect fit.

I am curious and excited what the future will bring…
I started at MSM already 20 years ago and still each day I go to work with much of pleasure. I am really curious and excited about the future and what the possible collaboration with Maastricht University will bring us. The most important thing for me is that I can continue my work with the same pleasure!

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