Master in Management students finalize their Group Company Project for Weir Minerals


As part of the Master in Management program, the students work in teams on a group company project solving an actual problem of a specific company. This year the teams worked on three different consultancy assignments for Weir Minerals Netherlands.

Weir Minerals is one of world’s leading engineering businesses serving mining, infrastructure and oil and gas customers in more than 50 countries. Weir Minerals Netherlands develops, designs, and manufactures technological advanced industrial pumping systems.

The assignments
Divided into six teams, the Master in Management students worked on the following three assignments for Weir MInerals Netherlands (two teams per assignment):

1) Impact of Concurrent Engineering for the supply chain related to purchasing:
This assignment included investigating what an optimal concurrent engineering process entails,  identifying needed changes in the current process regarding the purchasing operations (purchasing), and making a proposal for new working methods that enable a concurrent process flawlessly. The students have been required to make a recommendation for organizational structure changes, where needed to support and enable a concurrent process.

2) Impact of Concurrent Engineering for the supply chain related to manufacturing:
This assignment focused on the same requirements as mentioned above, but then for the manufacturing operations.

3) Supplier quality improvement, audit process:
Within this assignment, students were asked to review the current supplier audit process, in order to identify improvements to prevent gaps in delivered quality, including audit KPI’s on which a supplier is rated. The students needed to make a recommendation on how an effective audit process must look like and provide suggestions on how this must be organized.

The experience
Master in Management student Ali Monazamipour found writing a proposal for Weir Minerals a challenging but instructive task: “In fact, searching for improvement in the manufacturing process improved my comprehension of the whole process and to be detail-oriented. In writing a proposal for Weir, I found out how strong and powerful technology is which can be penetrated to every detail of the company to ease our tasks and foresee our demands in the future.” Ali and his team worked on the manufacturing related assignment (2).

Fellow student Angela Athella considered the Group Company Project as a valuable experience for her own future: "It was an amazing experience to be able to collaborate and consult for such an esteemed company like WEIR Minerals. Our group worked really well together in order to provide the best solutions for the organization. This course is definitely useful for my next journey as I would like to pursue my career in the consultancy field." Angela worked together with her team members on the supplier quality improvement assignment (3).

On Friday 2 and 9 July 2021, the teams presented their final results to Mr. Mari van der Burgt, Director Engineering, and Mr. Frans Ackermans, Director Manufacturing at Weir Minerals. Mr. van der Burgt and Mr. Ackermans found the presented solutions and suggestions interesting and indicated that they would use the findings for follow-up with their respective teams within Weir.

Ivan Kurniawan’s team worked on the purchasing related assignment (1) and Ivan also enjoyed the project: "It was a great challenge and delightful experience working on the consultancy project for Weir Minerals. Thanks to MSM for making the entire thing possible, this valuable experience is very important for students to get ready in the job market. I wish all the best for Weir Minerals."

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