Management and Engineering students graduate at RWTH Aachen


On Friday 27 April 2018 a group of just over 50 students of various M.Sc degrees in Management and Engineering (MME) graduated at RWTH Aachen University in Germany. Amongst these graduates were 14 students in Management and Engineering in Production Systems.

Professor Wim Naudé, Dean of MSM, handed these graduates their degree certificates and gave a short congratulatory speech, spurring the graduates on to be committed, dedicated and motivated in applying their new knowledge to address the challenges that not only their organizations face, but also global challenges, including the need for quality jobs, sustainable economic growth and harnessing technology for improving human safety, security and health.

Dr. Andreas Zynga, Professor of Practice at MSM, also addressed the graduates and congratulated them on their choice of program and university, indicating that they can be proud to be RWTH Aachen alumni.

MSM looks forward to welcome in October this year a new batch of students in no less than five MME programs wherein we collaborate with RWTH Aachen.

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