"People in my class come from different parts of the world, bringing their unique and diverse experiences with them"


At MSM we welcome talented students from many different countries around the world to strengthen their management knowledge and skills, and to show them the benefit of studying in Holland. In this, Nuffic, the Dutch organization for internationalization in Education, is an important partner in providing various forms of support, including the Orange Tulip Scholarship program to attract students from abroad. Also this year MSM was proud to have so many international talented students in our programs. One of them is Vladimir Zhumakhanov from Russia who followed the MBA at MSM which had led to a position as Financial Analyst at Medtronic in Heerlen. Let us briefly introduce you to him:

Why did you choose to study in the Netherlands?
The Netherlands has always been famous for the quality of its image. This country is the place for the headquarters of many global companies, and besides all, the English proficiency level is relatively high among the Dutch population. This makes the local job market appealing to the internationals.

Why did you choose MSM?
In my opinion at MSM you really get value for money and even so important is the networking aspect. People in my class come from different parts of the world, bringing their unique and diverse experiences with them. All of them are ambitious, ready to sacrifice in the short-term in order to get more on the long-term. All these ingredients make the school environment a perfect place to learn. And of course the location of Maastricht is beneficial, in the heart of Europe close to Germany and Belgium.

What was your first reaction when you heard you were one of the talented students who were accepted for the Orange Tulip Scholarship Program?
Being accepted by the Orange Tulip Scholarship Program is a great privilege for me and an indicator of my achievements in my professional career. When I received the email notification that I was accepted at MSM, I realized that I completely had to change the direction of my life. Of course I anticipated to and made the decision to embark on the MBA program.

How do you look back at the program?
Given my good level of previous trainings the program was very demanding in terms of time pressure and the amount of new knowledge to acquire. I have experienced it as a cycling tour, with uphill’s during which you put all efforts to achieve the best, and downhills where you have little time to rest and prepare for the next adventure. Besides all the theory we have to learn every lecturer brings new perspectives, approaches and inspiration to the classes. During the final project writing the school is eager to assist you on all aspects: rendering new contacts, supervising and providing legitimacy. In addition we have had a lot of extracurricular activities which enrich our experience even further.

How did you experience your life as an international student in Maastricht?
Maastricht by itself is a truly international city and a great place for students. The beauty of an ancient city along with an exciting nightlife and diverse entertaining events makes your live more fun. Usually, students who go abroad to get a degree, are facing difficulties with finding an accommodation. In Maastricht, we have Jules Maastricht, an organization that not only helps students to find a home, but helps you with everything to ensure a smooth adaptation period. The city of Maastricht is very welcoming!

What are the main cultural differences between The Netherlands and Russia?
Personally I don’t see major differences in terms of culture. The Netherlands have a socially oriented government, they really care about people. Dutch people are very commercial minded. You see the structure and order everywhere. That makes your life more predictable and less stressful.

Not even officially graduated from your MBA program and already accepted a job at Medtronic. Congratulations! How has the knowledge that you have gained through the MSM MBA program helped you in getting your job at Medtronic? 
Thanks to the MSM MBA Program, I developed my communication skills in an intercultural environment. Moreover, I became flexible, agile, open-minded and responsive to challenges which I can successfully cope. All this has contributed in getting this exciting job opportunity at Medtronic.

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