Information Technology Management course implemented by MSM at the Supreme Council for Vocational Training and Apprenticeship in Sudan


The Information Technology (IT) Management course implemented by MSM at the Supreme Council for Vocational Training and Apprenticeship (SCVTA) in Sudan is a contribution to the ongoing Institutional Transformation Program that is supported by NUFFIC, the Netherlands. The training took place from Wednesday, September 15, until Thursday, September 16, 2021. This course has been developed and taught by Joris Stadhouders.

Main topics covered during the training were the following:

  • The role of information technology in organizations
  • Information systems and work systems
  • IT projects, success and failure
  • Information systems development and implementation
  • Information systems in the context of development
  • Developing a project proposal and presenting it

The training was conducted electronically through Zoom from the Netherlands, due to the continuing situation with respect to Covid-19. A total of twenty-six invitees participated in the training. 

Classes were lively and the participants showed interest in the topics which are seen as important for their work. Local facilitators from Sudan Urban Development Think Tank (SUDTT), partners in the project, played a positive role in achieving the learning objectives of the training as they were able to provide translation for the training materials from English to Arabic and assisted with two-way interpretation and further clarficiation to engage the participants throughout the training. This created an instructive environment for the participants to study the theories, experience the examples, interact with their peers and apply the learning to their organisation.

The course had theoretical components and practical components. Different theories addressing improvement of organizational performance through information technology were introduced. Case examples were provided so that the participants could evaluate the usefulness of such frameworks. An element of training was how to achieve cross functional, departmental, organizational cooperation, e.g. sharing of useful information, and avoid the present islands of information which exist as a result of working in silos. The models and tools were next applied by the teams to areas in their own organization. The participants were keen to contribute to the application of IT, hence the teams have come up with several IT project ideas. Subsequently the findings were presented to the whole class by the different teams, with a discussion after each presentation.

Orange Knowledge Programme
This Tailor-Made-Training are part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) which is funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Nuffic. For more information click here.

About the project
Within this project MSM will help develop the Ministry of Labour and Social Development (MoLSD) and its partners to economically empower Internally Displaced People (IDPs) and refugees among their host communities by improving their ability to find employment or establish and grow their business through expanding and improving market oriented, equitable and gender-balanced Technical Vocational Education and Training (TVET). This training is part of Module 1: advanced Management skills of the TMT+: Strengthening the Capacity of MoLSD Staff and its Partners to Enhance relevancy, provision and Management of TVET Curricula and Programs for IDPs and Refugees, specifically aiming at improving strategic leadership, project management, quality management and ICT integration. Modules 2, is foucsed on the socio-economic integration of refugees, Module 3 and 4 involve training of trainers and piloting the delivery of training to refugees and IDPs with the involvement of ICT driven solutions.