Inclusive Businesses and Performance in Egypt: an explorative study


Ms. Dalia Mohamed Abd-Allah successfully defended her DBA thesis titled: Inclusive Businesses and Performance in Egypt – an Explorative Study at MSM on Wednesday, 17 October 2018.

In her research Ms. Abh-Allah focuses on the fact that Inclusive Businesses are gaining momentum due to their conceptual appeal as an answer to various pressing global socio-economic challenges. However, available literature globally and in Egypt provides limited and mixed evidences on how adopting socially inclusive strategies would lead to sustainable business performance.

Her research shows that Inclusive Businesses in Egypt are functions of local dynamics, which interact together in a way that leads to unclear patterns of sustainability, stemming from a system structure that is still not fully explored. With the increasing hype about supporting innovative solutions to Egypt’s long-standing socio-economic and environmental challenges, Inclusive Businesses hold still a promising potential, yet with needed support interventions.

“I was intrigued to explore this topic further through my DBA program at MSM, where I got equipped with various quantitative and qualitative data collection and analysis tools that allowed me to explore more dominant dynamics that shape Inclusive Businesses in Egypt,” said Ms. Abd-Allah after her successful DBA defense.

Ms. Abd-Allah also expressed her gratitude to the renowned professors at MSM who guided her through the journey and provided her with valuable insights and guidance.

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