Identifying and guiding needed change through transformational leadership


Maastricht School of Management (MSM) has a strong track record of providing Custom Made Training programs for the Sri Lankan Post Graduate Institute of Management (PIM). For multiple years in a row MSM is providing the Sri Lankan institute with customized trainings on transformational leadership that is tailored to the needs of their high-level executive students.

The program on transformational leadership was spread over 5 days and provided participants with knowledge on subjects such as transformational and other leadership styles, the contextual element for transformation processes, understanding change and transformation processes and the importance of Triple Helix Networks. These topics have been taught in an interactive style to the high-level participants to actively relate their own insights with the presented ideas and models. The program provided the participants with the opportunity to get a better insight in their own level of transformational leadership and to design an initial transformational leadership development plan. By using this approach, the participants have learned how to improve their high performance and their accountability for the change that they will lead in their organizations.

The participants were a diverse group from different professional backgrounds. The group included General Directors, Financial Directors, Vice Chancellors and Senior Managers ranging from several ministries, the Sri-Lankan Airforce as well as universities.

Creating a change vision
The training program was divided between theory and practice. In the theoretical part of the training, Transformational Leadership expert Ger Jonkergrouw put the focus among others on identifying the sort of change that is needed, creating a change vision and how to guide and coach employees through this process. The participants learned about the specific contexts in which organizational transformations take place as well as the internal and external dynamics that influence the nature, pace and proportion of the transformation process.

During the training MSM’s Triple Helix (local development) experts, Dr. Diederik de Boer and Huub Mudde presented various archetypes of Triple Helix networks and cooperation models while linking these to leadership and transformation issues. The participants gained a better understanding on the role of transformational leadership within a Triple Helix Concept and how to fulfill different roles within this context.

Strengthened competencies
After an intensive training program, the participants have learned how to be an inspirational and visionary leader that can lead change in a disruptive world. They have strengthened their leadership and management competencies which they will be able to use while coaching and mentoring their organizations and teams through change by being a transformational leader.

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