Fully prepared to successfully manage the project cycle


On 20 April 2018 MSM concluded the Project Identification, Development and Management executive program. The two-week program consisted of two courses: Project Design Tools and Project Monitoring Tools which can be followed as separate programs.

Coming from the Middle-East, Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe and from various sectors, the participants exchanged their views and experiences through various discussions and simultaneously worked on their own individual project assignment throughout the course.

In the first week Mirjana Stanisic, MSM’s lecturer in Project Management, introduced different project identification and formulation tools and techniques, as integral part of each development intervention. Vincent Feltkamp, MSM’s Assistant professor of Management Information Systems, showed the participants all elements of project planning and budgeting which were than successfully integrated in each individual project feasibility study and presented by the participants. Discussing the challenges in project design and implementation at the end of the course with Meinhard Gans, MSM’s Associate Dean International Projects & Consultancies, was a nice closure of the first week. Mr. Abed Moghrabi, Project Officer Al-Quads University (Palestine) stated: “This course gave the perfect balance between knowledge and practice. I would like to thank them for all they have done”.

During the second week Diederik de Boer, Project Consultant and Assistant Professor in Sustainable Business Development introduced the procurement procedures with an emphasis on the project risk evaluation. Rui Miguel Santos, Expert and trainer in Results-Based Management Evaluation of Development Programs & Projects, Introduced and explored the design and management of monitoring systems, data collection methods, data analysis and interpretation, reporting techniques and designing evaluation questions. Needless to add that all these elements were successfully integrated in the individual projects and successfully presented at the end of the Project Monitoring Tools program.

Mr. Khurran Mubeen Khan commented on the trainers: “Exceptional in-depth knowledge, practical experience and great skills to transfer in the simplest way possible!”