Factors influencing self-employment amongst graduates in Tanzania – DBA defense


Mr. Manongi Cliff Ntimbwa successfully defended his DBA thesis at MSM on 4 April. His thesis was titled Factors Influencing Successful Self-Employment amongst Graduates of Higher Learning Institutions in Tanzania.

Mr. Ntimbwa has been teaching entrepreneurship courses in Higher learning institutions in Tanzania for several years and is a practitioner in entrepreneurship activities. The aim of Mr. Ntimbwa’s entrepreneurship courses is to help the students develop an entrepreneurial mind-set and to start an income generating activity soon after graduation. However, his observation has shown that graduates do not seek self-employment as their first priority; their first priority after graduation is to find a salaried employment. Therefore, the goal of the research is to indicate factors that influence successful self-employment looking at the following factors: entrepreneurship factors, psychological factors, economic factors, sociological factors and cultural factors.

Mr. Ntimbwa’s study suggests a number of recommendations to the management of training institutions on how to design a curriculum which enforces entrepreneurship, taking into account the entrepreneurship, psychological, economic, sociologic and cultural factors. In terms of practical implications of the study, emphasis should be on ‘learning by doing’. Policy makers should design policies that support self-employment for graduates in order to address the problem of unemployment.

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