Executive MBA Module: Developing a Business


“This Entrepreneurship course does not only offer valuable insights to people that want to start a business, but I also discovered while working as a manager at a software scale-up that the information shared can also be put in to everyday practice”. This said Nick van Schijndel, MSM Executive MBA student after the successful module on Developing a Business.

The students followed classes in Entrepreneurship and in Digital Transformation. The course in Entrepreneurship provided an evidence based approach to entrepreneurship and prepared the participants in playing a role in making entrepreneurship happen. Key topics during the course were: the concept of entrepreneurship in the context of new venture creation and in the context of an established organization and de-risking the engaging in inherently risky endeavours. Throughout the course the participants also experienced the importance of the functional domains of corporate management like Marketing, Strategy, Finance and HRM. Part of the course in Entrepreneurship was a guest lecture by Mr. Bo Wiesman, CEO of New Compliance who showed the group what a true entrepreneurial spirit is. The students also visited Arion in Geleen, which was “incredibly inspiring” as they received a presentation by Mr. Erik Joosten, Founder and CEO of Arion. Arion focuses on producing innovative and affordable solutions in the international medical market.

Throughout the Digital Transformation course the participants discussed why large organizations who make substantial investments in technology are being labelled “digital masters.” The participants learned that digital masters excel in two dimensions – namely, digital capability and leadership capability. Moreover, participants became acquainted with the concept that digital masters know what to invest in and have leadership that knows how to turn their investments into real financial and non-financial results and outcomes. During the course, the participants also discussed how leaders of digital masters formulate their shared vision, engage employees in the digital transformation journey, and impose strong governance to ensure successful implementation. Participants also acquired knowledge through case studies, discussions and presentations. A highlight of the course was a guest speaker – Mr. Karim Youssef, the Chief Human Resources Officer of a leading private bank in Egypt, who shared his experience with the bank’s digital transformation journey. Mr. Khaled Wahba, lecturer in Digital Transformation indicated that the diversity in the participants’ backgrounds contributed immensely to the success of the course and provided a challenging teaching experience.

“Digital Transformation is a hot topic nowadays and the information and knowledge shared in the class was welcomed with open arms by the students”, said student Nick van Schijndel. “Digital transformation offers challenging content which I am sure that many of us managers, entrepreneurs and leaders will use within our organizations.”

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