Estimating the implementation of ERP projects in Saudi Arabia


MSM was very convenient for me to pursue an academic degree along with my work responsibilities. The program enriched my research skills and helped me effectively approach real business problems. The DBA made me acquire extensive knowledge that will enable me to better run my business and improve my company’s competitiveness in the current challenging market. I would strongly recommend the program for professionals seeking a research degree at this level.”

This said Mr. Shedid after his successful DBA defense on 24 April 2018 titled: Estimating the Implementation Effort of ERP Projects in Saudi Arabia: Empirical Evidence on Oracle ERP Implementations.

The subject of Mr. Shedid’s doctoral thesis focused on how ERP implementation partners can provide better effort estimation for their Saudi ERP implementations. The main effort predictors were package size, organization complexity, number of custom objects, project management, re-use components, language, governmental implementation and management support. The research hypotheses were tested on a sample of 80 completed Oracle ERP implementation projects in Saudi Arabia. Regression analysis was applied to conclude 8 estimation models.

The research results will assist Oracle ERP implementers to provide accurate estimates enabling them to have a competitive edge in their market offerings.

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