Entrepreneurship Education Training within LMSINDO project in Indonesia


It is debatable if entrepreneurship is a matter of nature or nurture. And indeed, teaching for entrepreneurship is ideally done by entrepreneurs.

There are several ways to bring students in contact with entrepreneurs, for instance via guest lecturers, the use of exemplify cases, field visits or internships.

However, Entrepreneurship Education is for the majority taught by school teachers and university lecturers. This doesn’t have to be a hindering factor. On the contrary, with the help of entrepreneurial teaching and learning activities, one can become an entrepreneurial teacher or lecturer.

In October 2020, Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences conducted its 1st training session of LMSINDO Entrepreneurship Education attended by entrepreneurship lecturers of Polbangtan Bogor and Nusa Cendana University Kupang. How entrepreneurship is being taught, was enthusiastically and deeply examined during the training. To prepare and develop the entrepreneurial knowledge of the participants further, knowledge clips and tailor-made trainings are being customized for each institutional partner.

About the project
The project in managed by Maastricht School of Management (MSM) with the aim to strengthen SMK teacher training on national and regional level by enhancing the educational and organizational capacities of the MoA POLBANGTAN system and SMKs, assisting SMK-PP Kupang to upgrade to the status of agricultural polytechnic. Furthermore it’s important to strengthen linkages on national and provincial level by establishing collaborative frameworks between education, government and the private sector (triple helix). The project will strengthen the overall agriculture teacher training further by bringing the Ministry of Agriculture into the project framework, creating robust and seamless coordination to prepare scaling up process.

Orange Knowledge Programme
This project is part of the Orange Knowledge Programme (OKP) which is funded by the Netherlands’ Ministry of Foreign Affairs and managed by Nuffic. For more information click here.

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