Workshop enhancing water and food nutrition security in the delta and dessert


In September, MSM delegates travelled to Egypt for a workshop on enhancing water and food nutrition security in the delta and dessert. This workshop is part of a 3-year project of MSM in the Delta region and was attended by our project partners (Aeres Group, Deltares, Kafrelsheikh University and Sadat City University).

The project will run from January 2019 until 30 December 2021 and will be coordinated by Prof. Meine Pieter van Dijk who is a senior expert on water management. The aim of the project is to enhance water efficiency and food security in Egypt by means of capacity building at TVET/HE’s. The project has established three working groups namely; ‘water’, ‘climate smart agriculture’ and ‘value chain and food nutrition security’. The working groups will bring together experts in water, agriculture, various social domains and labor markets where the aim is to provide tangible and applicable outputs to the ever increasing problems of food and water security for both the delta and dessert regions of Egypt. These practical solutions, together with the revised and newly created innovative curricula, will be disseminated to students, farmers, small enterprises, agro-industries and exporters.

Furthermore, the work plan and investment proposals have been developed during the visit of MSM and its project partners. The workshop program included a company visit to one of Mr. Ezz Eldeen Goudah’s farms and was further augmented by a visit to the Dutch embassy where we were able to speak to Mr. van Haren about the project progress and workshop, similar initiatives in the region and the urgency of the water and food nutrition security issue at hand.

Nuffic Orange Knowledge Programme
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