Enhanced data analysis skills through the Summer School in Structural Equation Modelling


Recently the MSM Structural Equation Modelling course was successfully completed by all participants. The 5-day course consisted out of lectures furnishing the participants with the necessary knowledge to understand the nature and importance of structural equation modeling.

Furthermore the participants learned how to apply SEM procedures to address specific research problems, to develop and empirically assess comprehensive conceptual models and to test specific research hypotheses. The assignments assisted in using the acquired knowledge in practice, to perform and interpret specific statistical analyses using SEM procedures.

For Mr. Tobias Mulimbika, participant in the SEM course, the course was very helpful as he is currently doing his DBA. “The course has been beneficial for me as I have enhanced my data analysis skills which will better my DBA research”.

Mr. Ahmed Gaara choose to follow the SEM course for a number of reasons. “SEM has a directapplication to my DBA research. In my study, I am investigating the influence/effect of a number of moderating and mediating variables on export performance among exporting firms in Germany. Therefore, SEM is key in analyzing such relationships. Also, my goal was to learn how to execute SEM by using a more sophisticated modeling program like EQS. It’s highly reputable among top tier academic journals. Another aim of attending the course has to do with the usefulness of SEM application in addressing practical issues in business. I wanted to grasp a deeper knowledge of SEM applications.”

The course was taught by Marios Theodosiou, Associate Professor of Marketing at the Department of Business and Public Administration, University of Cyprus. He received his doctorate in International Marketing and Strategy from Cardiff Business School, Cardiff University, United Kingdom.

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