Essential water and agricultural investments in Egyptian project to strengthen TVET’s


The Nuffic OKP project “Enhancing water efficiency and food security through Egyptian TVETs’” is currently in its second year and progress has been made. As part of the project investments have been made in drainage systems, greenhouses and irrigation systems to better equip the TVETS within the project. These investments are essential for the practical part of different curricula related to soil science, irrigation and production of various crops. Moreover, it will be used for training students and others.

The drainage system that has been bought will help students to identify the difference in physical and chemical properties in well-drained soil compared to soil that is not been handled by the drainage system. The students will be able to study and experience the difference a drainage system makes on plant growth and productivity. 

The newly renovated greenhouses are a tool for climate smart agriculture and will enable the Egyptian project partners to train their students on protected culture under different circumstances per greenhouse. The three greenhouses have been rebuilt, covered with white nets and supplemented with fog systems. These different greenhouses will help give the students an insight in productivity of different crops under different conditions.

Lastly, an irrigation system has been installed covering the greenhouses and open field area of the site. The installed system has different control units including pressure and consumption gauges, valves, drip and mist system. All this will be useful in controlling the applied quantities of water to certain crops leading to efficient use of water and meanwhile maintaining product quality.

About the project
This project intends to enhance water efficiency and food security in Egypt by means of capacity building at TVET/HE. The project has set up thematic workgroups around identified issues in the Delta and at the edge of the Desert, combining Dutch and Egyptian expertise, involving people at TVET/HE institutions and other stakeholders in an inclusive way, striving for tangible and applicable outputs and disseminate these to farmers, small enterprises, agro-industries and exporters.

The Project is part of the Nuffic Orange Knowledge Programme

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