Development of a dynamic methodology of the Balanced Score Card – DBA defense


Mr. Ashraf Hassan successfully defended his DBA thesis titled Development of a Dynamic Methodology of the Balanced Score Card: With an application to a Middle Eastern Company, at MSM on 20 February 2019.

The DBA research of Mr. Hassan focusses on solving the managerial problem for a comprehensive dynamic strategic management system using the methodology of the Balanced Score Card (BSC). The BSC will support managers in modelling their strategies, constituting different strategy scenarios, and calculating their possible future outcomes to reach the best strategy scenario.

The proposed methodology offers four contributions to the literature. First, it produces a computational dynamic model to support managers in making quick and more accurate decisions related to developing and implementing strategies. Second, it removes all the process limitations of both BSC and current Dynamic BSC models. Third, it is offered with its own recipe and consists out of all the strategic management processes. The methodology is designed to develop the proposed dynamic model. Finally, it is developed to be used by any company as a strategic management tool.

I attribute my success in my professional career to MSM. It has offered me a distinguished international education through the very professional DBA program. The program also supported me in my academic and consultancy work,” said Mr. Hassan.

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