DBA defense on the Juridical Performance of the High Court System in Uganda


"Conducting the research for my DBA thesis enabled me to appreciate the application of applied science in our day-to-day operations. The MSM DBA also showed me that the public sector should adopt applied science to address big challenges in service delivery”. This said Mr. Paul Kintu after successfully defending his DBA thesis titled: Juridical Performance of the Court System in Uganda: A Case of the High Court.

The research of Mr. Kintu aims at establishing the High Performance Organization (HPO) status of the High Court in Uganda, and in addition, to determine whether there is a relationship between the score on HPO and Organizational Culture and Structure. The High Court in Uganda embarked on massive public sector reforms since the mid-1990’s. This to improve their juridical system but the results are not as expected; case backlogs, delayed judgements, and perceived corruption. This is why Mr. Kindu was inspired to seek an alternative approach towards performance enhancement through researching and establishing the High Performance Organization Framework.

The research of Mr. Kindu presented both practical and theoretical implications that can be adopted by the High Court and other government agencies towards adoption of the HPO framework. This to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness in the service delivery. The research outcomes will be utilized by policy makers, academicians and technocrats aiming to implement HPO in the High Court and the public sector in Uganda for effective performance.

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