DBA defense at MSM: An Assessment of Public Procurement Systems and Policies on Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Ghana


Mrs. Soffia Baidoo-Baiden successfully defended her DBA thesis at MSM titled: An Assessment of Public Procurement Systems and Policies on Ministries, Departments and Agencies in Ghana and their impact on a developing economy.

After her DBA defense Mrs. Baidoo-Baiden thanked the entire staff of MSM for all the support she received during her DBA studies. “I would encourage anyone who wants to pursue his or her DBA to choose MSM. The MSM DBA is very detailed, flexible, of high quality and recognized internationally.”

In her DBA research Mrs. Baidoo-Baiden discusses the Public Procument Act which became a law in Ghana to help reduce the irregularities in public procurement. The implementation of the Act has faced a lot of challenges though and has exposed many flaws. In her research the procurement systems in Ghana are assessed and the impact these have on a developing country like Ghana. To address the impact, a hybrid methodology of quantitative and qualitative research methodology was employed. The study found a generally low level of adherence to the specifications of the Act by the procurement entities and officials.

Mrs. Baidoo-Baiden recommends that the Public Procurement Authority organizes periodic information sessions and training sessions for stakeholders in the procurement process. This to expose them to the provisions and protocols of the Act. It also became clear that there is an urgent need for a comprehensive information system for both internal and external users. For this information system a dedicated team should be trained to make the system work.

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