Custom made program on marketing for the BRAC University, Bangladesh


“The training was of very high quality and exactly met our needs. It has given us a clear direction of where we have to start and where we will go and how to reach our goals.” This said Mr. Mamun after the successful tailor made program on Marketing for Research, Long and Short courses, Active Early Learning and Counseling Services at MSM.

A group of mid-level project managers of the Business Development team from the BRAC Institute of Educational Development, BRAC University visited MSM from 3-6 April 2018 for this tailor-made program.

Ms. Barbara Knub lectured on the topic of Marketing Planning for Selected Product Combinations and Ms. Maud de By, Communications Manager at MSM, gave a presentation on the activity of the MSM Communications Department. Mr. Dorus Evekink, Lecturer in Tailor made programs, gave a full presentation on the MSM tailor made programs since 2011. It was stressed that the success of a good tailor made program is the quality of the work visit.

The main take away from the custom made program for the group were the basics of setting up a good business, marketing and communication plan, as requested by the BRAC University as their outcome for this program.

The focus of this institute which was established in 2004 is on education, early childhood development and psychosocial support/counseling in which they have activities in Research, Academic Courses and Short program trainings.

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