Acquisitions and their effect on operations' performance of the Islamic financial institutions


“The DBA meant so much to me, allowed me to better manage many business problems in the Islamic finance field and provided me with new insights and challenges that go beyond the practical professional knowledge. I would recommend the DBA to all professionals who are looking to excel in their careers.”

This said Mr. Mostafa Abdelbaki after successfully defending his DBA thesis titled: Acquisitions and Their Effect on Operations’ Performance of the Islamic Financial Institutions –  The Case of Kuwait, at MSM on the 25th of September 2018.

In his research Mr. Abdelbaki seeks to identify the influencing factors affecting operations performance and finds out what is taking place. During the last few years many of the Islamic financial institutions in Kuwait have experienced some financial problems due to their increased acquisition activities that unlikely ended up with inefficient operating performance.

Given the novelty of this area of research, the study uses both the qualitative approach and the grounded theory to investigate the practices and operational consequences of such acquisitions. The research findings indicate that IFIs place management and control as a priority before any higher level strategic objective, and offers significant implications and recommendations for practitioners and academics.

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