Webinar Master in Management vs Full-time MBA: helping you to make the right choice


Choosing the right education program can be challenging. Even in the domain of management and business, there are many different schools, degree titles, countries and cities to choose from.

If you are searching for a full-time program to prepare or further you for a career in management and business, you would have two options at MSM: the Full-time MBA and the Master in Management.

To guide you in your decision-making process and to help you make the right choice this webinar will explain the main advantages, differences and similarities between the 2 degrees. You will, for example, learn more about the company project which is part of the Master in Management program, but you will also get more insight into the specializations and thesis options, which are part of the full-time MBA program.

Furthermore, we will tell you more about the admission requirements of both programs and answer any questions you may have during this webinar.

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Date Thursday, 30 April 2020
Time 1.00 pm CEST
Presenter Hermina Kooyman - Manager Enrollment and Career Services

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