Webinar - The MSM Executive MBA: Not your typical weekend MBA


When considering combining studying an MBA with your work, you often end up with MBA programs conducted over the weekends. After a busy work week, however, it might be difficult to fully recharge yourself for an intense study weekend. In addition, a weekend MBA can come at the expense of spending time with your family and friends and/or on hobbies.

On the other hand, the modular part-time Executive MBA at MSM allows you to combine your MBA study with your job and family/social obligations, and at the same time enjoy an in-person class experience.

The webinar on Thursday 17 March 2022, at 3.00 pm CET will focus on the structure of the MSM Executive MBA. You will learn more about the modular set-up, the study-work-life balance, the expected study load and the flexibility the program offers.

As experienced experts, Executive MBA students/alumni will share their insights and tips on how to combine your MBA study with a busy professional and personal life.

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Date: Thursday 17 March 2022
Time: 3.00 pm CET
Presenter: Hermina Kooyman, Manager Enrollment and Career Services

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