Online Masterclass: Re-Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to Support Women’s Entrepreneurship


On Monday 8 March 2021 from 15.00 hrs – 16.00 hrs (CET), Caren Crowley - Assistant Professor at MSM - will conduct a free online Masterclass in the light of International Women's Day on “Re-Building an Entrepreneurial Ecosystem to Support Women’s Entrepreneurship".

This year, the theme for International Women’s Day 2021 is “Let’s all choose the challenge” meaning that each one of us can choose to challenge and call out gender bias and inequality #ChooseToChallenge.

About the online masterclass
If you were to put the word ‘entrepreneur’ into google images the majority of pictures would feature white, relatively young, men. However, this simplification ignores the diversity of entrepreneurial experiences. If we want to increase the rate of entrepreneurship and address the root causes of business failure we need to broaden our understanding of entrepreneurial behaviour. In this talk I will focus on women’s experiences of entrepreneurship and how this is impacted by the context within which entrepreneurship is embedded.

Women have been disproportionately affected by the current pandemic. Recent research has shown that women led businesses have experienced a significantly higher rate of business failure relative to those led by men. However, as countries start to recover from the pandemic there is an opportunity to create a new normal that supports and encourages the entrepreneurial ambitions of all citizens.

In order to discuss the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs and examine what actions can and should be taken I will draw on the entrepreneurial ecosystem framework. An entrepreneurial ecosystem approach focuses attention on the wider context within which entrepreneurship is embedded and highlights the importance of diverse factors, such as government regulations or cultural attitudes to entrepreneurship, on start-up activity.

This free online masterclass is aimed at anyone interested in understanding the factors that affect entrepreneurship. This can include new graduates who are interested in starting their own business or individuals already in employment whose work focuses on fostering entrepreneurship, who wish to deepen their understanding of the subject.

At the end of the Masterclass, you will also have the opportunity to ask your questions. 

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About Caren Crowley

Caren Crowley is an Assistant Professor at Maastricht School of Management. Caren is originally from Ireland and has significant international experience having lived and worked in higher education in Ireland, America, China, Belgium, Saudi Arabia and now the Netherlands. Her research focuses on women’s, digital and artisan entrepreneurship. Her research has been published in top international journals. She is particularly interested in qualitative research which aims to give voice to underrepresented groups and understand their experiences to broaden our understanding of entrepreneurial behaviour.