Online Masterclass: Entrepreneurial Leadership


On Thursday, 27 January 2022 (3 - 4pm (CET)), Stephanie Jones, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at MSM, and Martin Tynan, VP Human Resources at Cloudera (Palo Alto), will conduct the online masterclass Entrepreneurial Leadership.

About the online masterclass

"Entrepreneurial Leadership" - both are key topics in any management degree program – and we look at their interconnection. The role and value of the leadership team in the process of a start-up company’s transition to a scaled-up business is essential – but is often overlooked by investors and commentators. Only a tiny proportion of new business ideas make it to the big time. Why so few? It has a lot to do with the competencies and behaviors of the founders and subsequently hired managers - which can set the company on its growth trajectory and can influence every decision made throughout the business (and ultimately every other topic covered in a management degree).

Which leadership competencies and behaviors make the difference? According to Stephanie Jones and Martin Tynan – in their new book published last month – there are seven key areas for leaders to work on. These can be seen as leadership “muscles” – which can be developed and exercised through “workouts” – just like going to the gym and getting fit.

Based on their research, entrepreneurial leaders face the need to let go of autonomy to make the transition from founder-led to agile leadership; to anticipate the future, from the here and now; to shift their focus from the outside world of customers and projects to the inside world of setting up organizational processes; to transition from a lack of role clarity to role definition; to cope with risk, from a single point of failure to systemic risk; to achieve ongoing culture change; and to keep building that growth mindset to be sustainable.

In this masterclass, Stephanie and Martin give a brief definition of these essential entrepreneurial leadership “muscles” and how you can develop and build them, highlighting many recent examples of entrepreneurial leaders and their teams who have created new businesses which are now shaping the future.

In the process, we explore those magic ingredients which can transform a business in the back bedroom to a stock-market star – which are maybe not so magic after all!

For whom of interest?
This free online masterclass is designed for leaders at all levels and sectors, for students, and for anyone who wants to learn how to take a great business idea to the next level.

During this one-hour online Masterclass, Stephanie Jones and Martin Tynan will show how leadership teams and managers can develop winning competencies and behaviors to create sustainable businesses for the new era.You will leave the online Masterclass with practical tools which you immediately can put into practice the next day – based on the 7 Entrepreneurial Leadership Workouts!

At the end of the Masterclass, you will have the opportunity to ask questions. 

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About Stephanie Jones, Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior 

Stephanie Jones, PhD is Associate Professor of Organizational Behavior at Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands, having graduated with a PhD from University College London, and a Bachelor’s degree from the London School of Economics. Dr Jones has authored over 25 full-length internationally-published books on business and management. She teaches MBA students across the world, especially courses on leadership, culture and change management. With a background managing businesses in human resources, recruitment, consulting, and training operations (and lecturing) in the UK, China, India, the Middle East, Australia and New Zealand, Dr Jones gained extensive experience in the corporate sector before returning to academe a decade ago.

About Martin Tynan, VP Human Resources 

Martin Tynan, DBA is currently VP, Human Resources [HR] for the fast-growing global technology organization Cloudera (headquartered in Palo Alto). He has extensive global experience working as a HR leader in fast-paced, high-growth technology-focused companies. His background includes Senior HR roles in global technology such as at Expedia and Amazon, where he helped scale these companies across Europe, Asia, and North America. Originally from Ireland, Dr Tynan holds a BSc in HR from the Dublin Institute of Technology, an MSc in HR from London Southbank University, and a DBA from Maastricht School of Management, the Netherlands.