MSM’s contribution to sustainable development – meet us at the Limburg Leads event


On 15 and 16 May, MSM will be present at the Limburg Leads 2019 event in MECC Maastricht. Limburg Leads will bring together entrepreneurs and leaders to connect, address and discuss themes in the area of circularity & sustainability, digitalization, health and talent.

During this event MSM will share its knowledge and experiences via several presentations:

Program Wednesday 15 May 2019

17:00 PM

Presentation (in English) by:
Mirjana Stanišić, Academic coordinator of MSM’s International Business & Sustainable Development Specialization and lecturer in the field of green inclusive innovation and corporate social responsibility.
Title: “Eco innovation as a driver for a circular economy”

Sustainable consumption and production present a particular difficulty problem in the 21st century, taking into account growing inequality and poverty. Can circular economy and eco innovation play a role in sustainable economic development? What is the role of the private sector? Insights on the scope and types of eco innovation will be provided with a glimpse on the stakeholder collaboration practices in entrepreneurial environment and possible challenges.

Where: LWV Plaza (Limburgse Werkgevers Vereniging)

18:30 PM

Masterclass (in English) by:
Wynand Bodewes, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship
Title: "Corporate Entrepreneurship"
Abstract: Many are intrigued to learn how established firms (from medium-sized to multi-nationals) can do new business creation the start-up way. Some see corporate entrepreneurship as a more cost effective approach of innovation. Others feel that the unleashing of entrepreneurial drive brings a dynamic that could make the firm a more appealing place to work. In my talk I will introduce effectuation, a view on doing new business creation as enacted by entrepreneurs, which seems to be the opposite of how large organizations have institutionalized their innovation function. Using recent insights on effectuation I will present tactics used by start-ups to do new business creation that also could be used to foster corporate entrepreneuring. And believe me, I will not recommend the writing of business plans or business cases . . .
Where: Limburg Leads Masterclasses area: Circularity & Sustainability

Program Wednesday 16 May 2019

11:00 AM

Masterclass (in Dutch) by:
Ger Jonkergouw, lecturer on Ecosystem Development at MSM
Title: “How do you develop an ecosystem required for major social transformations"? like the hodrogen transition?

Major transformations require entrepreneurial governments, socially driven citizens, knowledge institutions and companies. The hydrogen / energy transition is a good example: it requires cooperation in a learning ecosystem based on mission-oriented strategies. However, this requires ecosystem learning processes, with ecosystem knowledge and ecosystem skills. All in all, the energy transition also requires an ecosystem academy.

Where: Limburg Leads Masterclasses area: Circularity & Sustainability

We look forward meeting you at one of our presentations!