Meet MSM at the MERIT summit in Austria


Mr. Dave Cass, Director of Education and Executive Development at MSM will be speaking at the annual MERIT Summit which will take place in Vienna, Austria on 16 and 17 January 2019. You can also meet with MSM representatives during 1:1 meetings.

The topic of the MERITalk of Mr. Cass is Service Design Thinking. During the MERITalk Mr. Cass will be talking about the fact that Business Schools and companies have similar challenges. HR and Higher Education both have to work cross departmentally, work more and more in a globalized competitive marketplace and are required to produce a person best capable of meeting the job requirements or market as a whole. With these common factors between us, lessons can be learned from inculcating Service Design Thinking into the management and teaching environments to provide greater value and better customer focus to bridge the potential skills gap between higher education output and future business needs.

About the summit
MERIT is a one-of-a-kind forum in which HR and business school directors from all over the world meet to build tomorrow’s workforce. The summit gathers representatives of the most prominent Business Schools to present innovative learning methods and research, and Human Resources Directors of companies from different industries to share insight from their challenges and victories. Attending this exclusive network event you will be part of creating a culture of learning, innovation, and growth. 

The event`s theme will be “Co-creating Learning Organisations”, and will feature an exciting mix of expert and work sessions, MERITalks, workshops, debates, masterclasses and networking opportunities.

For more information about the event, the program and to register please visit the website of the summit: