Meet MSM at the MERIT summit in Seville


On 5 and 6 February 2020, MSM will be present at the MERIT Summit in Seville (Spain). This annual summit brings together international Business Schools and Human Resources Directors of companies from various industries to share their knowledge, insights and challenges. All with the aim to inspire and empower individuals and organizations to further develop their human capital strategy and to achieve their goals.

During the summit, Oliver Olson (Senior Lecturer of Marketing & Strategy at MSM) will run the workshop “You already have an Employer Brand…Do you know what it is? Because your applicants know, and it may hurting you!”. The workshop aims to encourage a discussion on the importance of employer branding and the question if organizations should invest in it. In case you would like to join, the workshop takes place on 5 February from 16:15 – 17:45 hrs.

In addition, MSM’s representatives are present both days to connect with and to get a better understanding on what MSM can offer you and your organization. Besides this, you can register for a personal chat with one of MSM’s representatives during 1:1 meetings.

To get a better impression of the event, please watch the MERIT 2019 Summit Experience

Want to join?
For more information about the event, the program and how to register, please visit the website of the summit:

We hope to meet you in Seville!