MSM Online Academic Conference – 23 May 2024


On Thursday 23 May 2024, MSM organises the online Academic Conference “The Future of Work: Challenges and Opportunities in a Disrupted World.”

MSM with its Expert Centre on Emerging Economies (ECEE) is building recognition in the field of private sector development. Over the years, we organised academic conferences, produced articles and published a book on private sector development in emerging economies. Important scholars in this field are finding us and donor agencies are seeking our input for agenda setting and policy advice. Together with scholars of Maastricht University, we are setting up regionally oriented research groups addressing private sector development.

Driven by technological advancements, globalisation, and demographic shifts, in line with market trends, MSM’s efforts to contribute to capacity building of individuals, organisations and an enabling environment are undergoing a profound transformation. These forces are reshaping the nature of jobs, skills demands, and the way we work and interact. Amidst this evolving landscape, education plays a pivotal role in preparing individuals to thrive in the future of work. By equipping individuals with the necessary skills, knowledge, and adaptability, education can empower to navigate the changing landscape and contribute meaningfully to the workforce and private sector development.

About the conference
In the light of these changes, MSM will host an online Academic Conference, providing a platform for participants with an interest in the theme 'Future of Work: Challenges and Opportunities in a Disrupted World.' The conference will include keynote speeches and a selection of presentations based on research paper contributions. During the academic conference, we will actively highlight the pivotal role of knowledge institutions, namely universities and vocational training centres, in shaping skills and knowledge-gap development within the labour market, taking into account the future of work agenda.

Conference Programme Booklet
For all detailed information about the conference including the abstracts of the papers that will be presented, please check the Conference Programme Booklet.

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Time  (CEST) Topic Speakers
10:00  Opening & Intro Academic Conference Dr. Diederik de Boer
Director Expert Centre on Emerging Economies
and Associate Professor Sustainable Business Development
10:10  Welcome remarks Mr. Meinhard Gans, Director MSM
10:15 Keynote:
Uncertainty about the impact of AI on work and how to reduce it? 
Prof. Dr. Mark Levels
Professor of Sociology of Technology at Maastricht University
Programme Director at the Research Centre for Education and the Labor Market (ROA) of Maastricht University
Dean of Maastricht Academy for Lifelong Learning
10.35  Keynote Q&A
10:45 BREAK
11:00 Parallel session #1
Paper presentations
Parallel session themes:
  • Break-out room 1:
    Future of Work on the Work Floor
  • Break-out room 2:
    Governance for the Future of Work
  • Break-out room 3:
    AI and Digitalisation in the Future of Work
  • Break-out room 4:
    Migration and Labour Mobility 

    Please find below an overview of the papers per parallel session
12:30 BREAK
13:30  Keynote:
Skill Needs in the Green Transition: The Role and Management of Labour Migration
Mr. Sam Huckstep
Research Associate at Center for Global Development
13:50 Keynote Q&A 
14:00 BREAK
14:15 Parallel session #2
Paper presentations
Parallel session themes:
  • Break-out room 1:
    Future of Work on the Work Floor
  • Break-out room 2:
    Governance for the Future of Work
  • Break-out room 3:
    Future of work in the Vocational Training Sector
  • Break-out room 4:
    (Agri)-Sustainability and the Future of Work
    Please find below an overview of the papers per parallel session
15:45     BREAK
16:00 Keynote:
AI or Jobs? What is the way forward in Africa?
Prof. Tom Peter Migun Ogada
Executive Director African Centre for Technology Studies
16:20 Keynote Q&A 
16:30     Closing speech Prof. Dr. Alexander Grigoriev
Vice-dean for Research at Maastricht University School of Business and Economics
Professor of Data Science for Business and Economics
16:40 Final conclusions and closing remarks Dr. Diederik de Boer

The online Academic Conference will be facilitated by Dr. Ir. Huub Mudde, Senior Project Consultant and Assistant Professor MSM.

Registration closed on 16 May 2024.

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Paper presentations - Session 1 - Start at 11:00hrs CEST

Future of Work on the Work Floor Governance for the Future of Work AI and Digitalisation in the Future of Work  Migration and Labour Mobility
Quiet Quitting is About Bad Leadership - Investigating How Leadership Behaviors Influence Quiet Quitting Behaviors of Employees

Author(s): Erasmus Keli Swanzy, Mercy DeSouza, Rita Berger 
Platform Work and the Regulatory Regime in India

Author(s): Abhishek Nemuri, Neha Arya
The Future of Training: A Case Study of AI-Assisted Customer Service Coaching in a Large Financial Organisation

Author(s): Danique Eijkenboom, Marie-Christine Fregin, Sander Dijksman, Evie Graus, Andries de Grip, Mark Levels, Raymond Montizaan, Sanne Steens
New Job Opportunities in support of Africa’s Energy Transition: TVET Institutions in Egypt and Morocco Preparing for Work in the Green Hydrogen Value Chain

Author(s): Jeroen van Wijk, Antonella Anastasi
Digitalisation of Onboarding A Case Study to Investigate the Impact of Virtual Reality Technology on Employees Social Interactions and Information Seeking during Job-Onboarding

Author(s): Ewenam Gbormittah
The Future of Work: Impacts of its Challenges and Opportunities on Emerging Economies

Author(s): Adebowale Meroyi

Workers Preferences for AI-induced Task Changes: A Discrete Choice Experiment in the Manufacturing Sector

Author(s): Lara Fleck, Marie-Christine Fregin, Andries de Grip, Sanne Steens

Skill Needs in the Green Transition: The Role and Management of Labour Migration

Author(s): Sam Huckstep

The Future of Work, AI and the Impact on Women in the Technology Sector

Author(s): Nilanjan Raghunath

More Bullshit Jobs or A Right to Meaningful Work? – Predicting Technomoral Changes Surrounding Meaningful Work in the Age of AI

Author(s): Donovan van der Haak, Annemijn Kwikkers
Neurodivergent Employees AIs Role in New Work Challenges

Author(s): Mareike Victoria Keil, Dominic Ketzer
Opportunities and Challenges of International Labour Mobility

Author(s): Huub Mudde, Stefano Locatelli, Rahwa Yemane
Why Soft Skills Matter in Dynamic and Unstable Work Environment – example of national and multinational organizations in Egypt and Middle East

Author(s): Riham Moawad

Safeguarding Future Indonesian Online Ride-Hailing Workers: Financial Literacy and Participation in Predatory Online Lending and Gambling

Author(s): Jonathan Nahum Marpaung

Impact of Emerging Artificial Intelligence Technological Innovation on Global South Work Practices during Current Large Scale Global Urbanisation

Author(s): Peter G. Rundle, Jeremy Novak
Future of work in Africa

Author(s): Julius Gatune Kariuki, Diederik de Boer

Paper presentations - Session 2 - Start at 14:15hrs CEST

Future of Work on the Work Floor Governance for the Future of Work Future of work in the Vocational Training Sector (Agri)-sustainability and the Future of Work

Impact of Demographic Factors on Healthcare Workers’ Professional Lives - Case of South Asia

Author(s): Yumna Ali, Syeda Farhana Kazmi 

The Future of Work is Informal

Author(s): Andre Dellevoet

The Challenges to Vocational Training in Sudan

Author(s): Ebtihalat Elshikh

Adopting of the Digitalization in Indonesia Agriculture Sectors: Challenging and Outlook

Author(s): Said Achmad Kabiru Rafiie, Hamdi Harmen, Zainal Putra

The Influence of Visual Connection on Productivity in Workspaces

Author(s): Srishti Sarkar

The Different Effects of the Digitalisation and Automation of Work in relation to Economic-Political Systems of Advanced Globalization

Author(s): Orazio Maria Gnerre

Preparing TVET Graduates for Future Work A Comprehensive Approach in the case of Agricultural Sector

Author(s): Mitiku Demissie

Future of Better Rural Non-Farm Work Depends on Innovation and Technology

Author(s): Subrata Dutta

Dairy Plants:  An Insight in the Integration of Fully Automated Plant

Author(s): Tariq Amer Al Hakmani

Understanding Influence: The Imperative of Impact Assessment in Emerging Market Institutions

Author(s): Gigi Limpens

The Role of Education and Training in Preparing Workers for the Future of Work - Assessing Agri-preneurship Trainings Impact on Entrepreneurial Skills for Self-Employment

Author(s): Ishak Shaibu, Camillus Abawiera Wongnaa, Kwadwo Amankwa, Margaret Aba, Sam Hagan, George Agana Akuriba, Dadson Awunyo-Vitor

Exploring the Future of Biodiversity Impacts of Digitalization AI and Robotics

Author(s): Ariel Toh

The Future of Work and the Problem of Quiet Quitting

Author(s): Sandra Terfah Korveh, Patrick Martens

The Role of Education and Training in Preparing Workers for the Future of Work in Law and Political Sciences

Author(s): Omorou Zackaria Toure

Applied Research to promote the Development and Implementation of Innovations with Private Sector in Rwanda’s Agricultural Sector – New Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Author(s): Meine Pieter van Dijk

The Success of a Partnership between the Private Sector and a TVET Institution in Rwanda

Author(s): Veerle Barten, Meine Pieter van Dijk

For the abstracts of the above papers, please check the Conference Programme Booklet.