Online MBA student talks - catching up with Leandro Poli Seignemartin


Leandro Poli Seignemartin started his Online MBA journey at MSM in November 2021. Having finalized a few courses, it is time to get to know Leandro better and learn how he experiences the Online MBA so far.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
I was born in São Paulo, Brazil and I spent the most part of my life in my hometown in Brazil. Apart from the Brazilian nationality, I also have the Portuguese nationality. My father’s family comes from Portugal, in the Algarve region.

I recently started working at Amazon in Iasi, Romania as Senior Catalog Associate. In this role I am responsible for creating content of product catalogs on the Amazon website and also for interacting with vendors and manufacturers in order to improve deliveries issues. I started my career in Romania at a quality assurance company in the IT segment as a bilingual analyst (Portuguese and English).

Before moving to Romania, I have been working for different companies in Brazil. One of the companies was Dupont, an American chemical company, were I worked in the area of supply chain. My last years in Brazil, I spent working as a procurement analyst. First at Norsk Hydro in the Amazon region, where I worked for nearly 4 years. Norsk Hydro is a Norwegian mining company and one of the largest aluminum producers in the world. And the last year I worked at a Japanese company in Santa Catarina, in the south of Brazil.

I also lived in Australia for more than a year, where I studied a business course and worked as a warehouse assistant in a small Australian business.

Why did you decide to follow an MBA, and why the MSM Online MBA in particular?
It has been my long ambition to study an MBA, which I see as an essential opportunity to develop my career in the international business segment. I chose the Online MBA program at MSM, because I believe there is no better place to continue my academic career, with MSM being an international institution with great recognition in the Netherlands. 

I am strongly convinced that the MSM Online MBA program has all elements necessary to specialize myself in business. Furthermore, I believe that this is a unique experience to not only develop myself and my career, but also to enrich my network through working with fellow students and professors coming from different countries and cultures.

I have the chance to interact and discuss articles and relevant topics with colleagues from different nationalities, offering a great learning experience.

You started the MSM Online MBA last November. Can you tell us how you experience the program so far?
My experience with the MSM Online MBA program has been beyond my expectations so far. The methodology and flexibility of the classes allow us to carry out assignments and interact with professors and students on a weekly basis.

The program helps to develop my skills and enriches my knowledge in the business segment. I have the chance to interact and discuss articles and relevant topics with colleagues from different nationalities, offering a great learning experience. Also, the professors inspire me with their backgrounds and expertise, and they encourage us to learn everyday something new. The business-related topics and assignments are interesting and completing the outstanding experience.

Are there any particular courses so far that you liked the most or benefitted the most from?
So far, I followed the courses Business Communication, Global Supply Chain and Global Corporate Strategy. I think it is difficult to answer which one I liked the most or benefitted the most from, as each course is different, and each professor has its own way of teaching. But I can say that the professors are all businesses leaders, and they inspire me to go the extra mile. The discussion topics they bring into the class are very interesting, allowing us to interact with our colleagues and see different points of view. It is definitely a very good program with well-structured classes. Also, the communication between students and professors is working very well.

Can you already use lessons learned from the MSM Online MBA in your daily job and/or life?
Yes, definitely. Communication is important in my daily work, and I consider myself as a strategic person. Both the communication and corporate strategy course have already provided me with more skills, and the program is making me grow professionally and as an individual. As I deal directly with vendors, the Global Supply Chain course has already provided me with more knowledge and better strategies to interact with them.

What would be your hope for the future from a career perspective or a personal perspective?
I want to become a leader in the future and develop people regarding their behavioral and technical skills. My activities today are related to technical skills, but the knowledge that I am acquiring in this MBA program will guide me to a leadership position in the future. Also, I will be ready to deal with challenging situations in the business area and learn strategies from academics that will help steer my career in the right direction.

What would you like to say to future Online MBA students? Would you recommend the MSM Online MBA?
‚ÄčThe Online MBA program was definitely one of the most important and assertive choices I have ever made regarding my academic and professional career. The structure of the MSM Online MBA program combines flexibility and a high standard methodology of teaching.

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