Online MBA student talks - catching up with Emma Razali


Emma Razali started her Online MBA journey at MSM in November 2021. Having finalized her first courses, it is time to get to know Emma better and learn how she experiences the Online MBA so far.

Can you tell us a bit more about yourself?
My name is Emma, and I am currently residing with my husband and three children in Hillegom, a town very close to the Keukenhof, the world-famous flower garden in the Netherlands.

I was born and raised in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. I completed my degree in Accounting and Finance in Ireland and continued my part-time studies there to the level of part-qualified Chartered Institute of Management Accountant (CIMA).

My working experiences have predominantly been within the fund reporting, financial statements and operation functions of the fund industry in Ireland, the Netherlands and Malaysia. I have also worked for a security services company in Malaysia within the cash management department where I was responsible for the management and direction of 3 sub-divisions and 60 employees.

Why did you decide to follow an (online) MBA, and why the MSM Online MBA in particular?
Coming from a family business, I have always been interested in the different aspects of the business world. So, pursuing an MBA was the obvious choice for me. It was also driven by my desire to gain in-depth knowledge in business management, leadership, managing cultural diversity and much more. I chose an online MBA as studying online allows me the flexibility to fit studying into our family’s schedule and to have more control over my pace of studying.

Choosing MSM for my Online MBA has two main reasons. One, because it is the top online MBA in the country. Secondly because of the staff. From day one of my contact with Inka, to submitting my admission with Nicky, to my interview with Shiwen and Hermina, everyone has not only been professional, but also very open, helpful and friendly. To me, this is the school I want to be part of.

Studying the MBA online allows me the flexibility to fit studying into our family’s schedule and to have more control over my pace of studying.

You started the MSM Online MBA last November. Can you tell us how you experience the program so far?
Entering our fourth month now, I am finding my rhythm in being a student again and getting familiarized with the online studying system. It does require a high level of self-discipline to follow through the coursework independently in order to get the most out of it.
With the absence of a classroom interaction, I found myself having to take a proactive approach to develop connections with my fellow course mates.

Are there any particular courses so far that you liked the most or benefitted the most from?
To date we have only covered three courses. I honestly cannot say one appeals to me more than the other as I am truly enjoying the process of acquiring new knowledge. One thing for certain is that I am benefiting from writing more and I look forward to improving on this critical skill.

Can you already use lessons learned from the MSM Online MBA in your daily job and/or life?
As it is still at an early stage, I cannot say I am able to yet. However, one thing I can already see is that all courses are interconnected. The benefit of learning all the subjects in the MSM Online MBA will definitely assist me professionally and personally soon.

What would be your hope for the future from a career perspective or a personal perspective?
With significant lapses in my career trajectories, I feel that my capability as a female professional is often questioned by prospective employers. I also feel that I have reached a point where in order to boost my career, I need an advanced degree to demonstrate to a potential employer that I am proactive about staying current and that I am as committed and capable as everyone else. If I can balance parental responsibilities and studying for an MBA, I can definitely add unique value to the workplace.

Earning an MBA is also a personal quest for me to not only develop myself further but to prove to myself what I can do. It will be exciting to see where this journey will take me.

What would you like to say to future Online MBA students?
Make sure you enter an online MBA program with realistic expectations. It is very different to an on-campus program where interactions with other students and lecturers are present to motivate you. With an online MBA, I find that to stay focused on getting the most out of self-studying, I have to frequently remember the intrinsic motivations that brought me to this journey in the first place.

Of course, with an online program, you get diverse, highly skilled students from all over the world sharing their opinions and views, thus helping you to gain a wider perspective of what is out there to explore. 

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