The importance of networking and interaction in an Online MBA


Studying the MBA online provides you with more flexibility than in-class MBA’s. You don’t need to take time off from your work to join classes, you don’t have to travel to go to class, and you can plan your study time around your busy schedule.

However, you might scare away from studying online, as you might expect that there will be a lack of networking and interaction with peers and professors. After all - apart from gaining and applying knowledge - studying an MBA is also about building and expanding your network, learning from peers, and developing personal skills.

Online MBA’s often evoke a feeling of ‘studying in isolation’. However, where some Online MBA programmes might indeed be all about self-study, it does not have to be that way. This is where the MSM Global Flex Online MBA comes in, an upgraded version of MSM’s existing online MBA programme.  

Interaction and networking in the Global Flex Online MBA
The Global Flex Online MBA allows for more interaction and networking with peers, includes live learning from academic and professional experts, and builds on a rich and engaging online learning environment. At the same time, it continues to apply the same curriculum and high quality learning experience that already helped many professionals transform their careers.

In the Global Flex Online MBA, participants follow live Zoom classes for all courses or do a mix of live Zoom classes with self-paced study. The live Zoom classes consist of interactive lectures and real-time group assignments, shared with like-minded peers coming from different cultural and professional backgrounds. This way, participants gain perspective on how things are done in different industries, at different levels and within different cultures, providing valuable new insights.

Live Zoom sessions were already part - be it in a limited way - of the existing MSM Online MBA programme. However, seeing how much these live Zoom sessions were valued by our students, we take these to the next level in the Global Flex Online MBA. 

Live Zoom sessions - student experiences
Recent graduate Ranim El Yaman was one of the Online MBA students stressing the value of live Zoom sessions: “Live Zoom sessions in an online MBA programme are a very engaging and effective way to learn and connect with others. These sessions helped me develop a deeper understanding of the course material and prepared me for success in my career by providing opportunities for real-time interaction and discussion. MSM's live Zoom sessions cover all topics related to the MBA programme's curriculum, such as leadership, finance, marketing, and strategic management. During these sessions, I participated in lectures, case studies, group exercises, and other activities aimed at helping me develop the knowledge and skills needed to succeed in the course. Outside of live sessions, students must complete assignments or participate in group projects to reinforce their learning and develop their skills. Because of these Zoom sessions, I made friends worldwide, and we are still in contact to this day.”

Also to current student Innocentia Mahlangu the live Zoom sessions have been very important for her learning experience: “I have been thoroughly impressed with the online MBA programme's live Zoom sessions. They have provided an engaging and interactive way to learn, and have allowed me to connect with my peers and instructors in a meaningful way. Being able to participate in real-time discussions and ask questions has enhanced my learning experience and made me feel like I am part of a community.”

Fellow student Joris Liebregts agrees: “The live Zoom sessions are a great contribution to the courses. It allows for an in-depth discussion about the topics with your fellow students and the professors.”

For alumnus Vitaly Belonog the live Zoom sessions have been especially meaningful for learning from his peers: “The Live Zoom sessions are a great opportunity to connect virtually with your classmates and professors. During the sessions, you can ask any question and discuss relevant topics. Besides that, it is always a great chance to negotiate and collaborate with your classmates, know more about their experiences and also share your insights. Professors are always open to discussions and happy to help in case of any challenges.”

Optional on-campus experience
Do you think that live Zoom sessions are not sufficient to fulfill your need for interaction and networking? You can add an on-campus experience to the Global Flex Online MBA by choosing to study the expertise track courses at the campus of MSM in Maastricht. This option offers you a two-week dynamic and multi-cultural learning experience during which you can learn, interact and mingle with MBA students from MSM’s residential and global MBA programmes.

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