Meet your recruiters: introducing Giulia Zucchelli


Wondering who your first point of contact will be whilst considering to study a management degree program at MSM? What our Recruiters like most about working at MSM? How our Recruiters will help you to make the right decision? This and much more will be addressed in an upcoming series of blogs in which your recruiters will introduce themselves.

My name is Giulia Zucchelli, Recruitment Officer at Maastricht School of Management (MSM) for almost three years and mainly responsible for the Master in Management and full-time MBA. I am a mix of many experiences as I lived in a variety of countries. Some of them were amazing and others were less, but I am glad I got to experience them all. I also met many people in my journey through life, many of which I kept in my heart and who have taught me important lessons. Originally from Italy, I spent a big amount of time travelling back to Italy to visit my family. My family is very important for me and have always supported me to become the person I am today. I am also a passionate classic and contemporary dancer and a proud owner of a super active Golden Retriever.

What do you like most about working at MSM?
The possibility to make a person’s dream come true... When I first meet a potential student they have a lot of questions, fears, doubts, and plans. They are ready to create their own future by joining one of the MSM programs and I am the one helping them to make the right decision. Before becoming a student at MSM, they are based thousands of kilometers away from Maastricht, having lives and experiences that I never lived and could only imagine. However, all of them are somehow bounded together by the eagerness to learn and to make the world a better place to live in.

How I help potential students to make the right decision…
I always look forward to meet new potential students from around the world. I usually approach new contacts by asking them about their experiences, their life, and their dreams. In this informal and unconventional conversation, I learn a lot about the potential student, and it helps me to advise them in choosing the right program.

No matter if we meet virtually or physically, the support you receive from me will not change. Making the decision to start an intensive degree program, whether it is a Master in Management or an MBA, is a tough decision and comes with many uncertainties and questions. Relocating abroad, facing new challenges and meeting new faces… I hope that my guidance and support will make the path a bit easier for them.

How can you meet me?
Since COVID hit, the main contact with prospective students is the internet. I usually use Zoom to schedule a call and have a nice conversation. You can reach me via email ( to schedule the call. If you live nearby, we can also meet at the MSM campus, and I can show you around.

Before COVID hit, I was used to meet future students during fairs abroad and Open days at MSM. Step by step we hope to go back to normal, so I hope I can soon meet everyone face-to-face again.