Life after the Executive MBA, taking up new challenges - An-Sofie Verrijssen


Following an Executive MBA next to your job and family responsibilities requires a lot of commitment, discipline and perseverance. The MSM Executive MBA attracts participants who are strong in character and not afraid to challenge themselves to the fullest. With the end goal in mind, they know how to focus, how to overcome obstacles and how to deal with setbacks. Once they have reached their goal – obtaining the MBA degree – they are ready to take up the next challenge, either in their personal life, in their professional life or even both.

In this blog, the spotlight is on An-Sofie Verrijssen, who completed the MSM Executive MBA with a specialization in Healthcare Management in 2019. On Friday 18 September 2020, the MSM Graduation took place, where An-Sofie received her well-deserved degree.

Coming from a medical background
It is obvious that you don’t need to have a business background to start an Executive MBA, as proven by An-Sofie Verrijssen. She started the MSM Executive MBA during her residency in the radiation oncology department. A completely different world. So what made her decide to study the Executive MBA? “I decided that I wanted to learn more about the business world, as this had always interested me. The Executive MBA program in Healthcare Management seemed to be perfect for the job,” she explains.

During the program, An-Sofie completed her residency and had to start looking for a new job: “Because my passion remained in being a medical doctor, I decided to stay within this field and applied for a job as a medical specialist in Eindhoven, where I am currently working.”

Enriched by the Executive MBA
An-Sofie states that the MSM Executive MBA provided her with knowledge and tools that she applies daily, however there is more to it: “The Executive MBA also allowed me to meet many different people from all kinds of professional and cultural backgrounds. It truly enriched me as a person and broadened my horizons.”  

Ambitions for now and in the future
An-Sofie not only took up a new job, she also continued studying. “At the moment, I am working on a PhD within my field of radiation oncology. I hope to complete this within a couple of years.”

Looking into the future, she still has a keen interest in business: “In the future, I would love to explore the ‘management’ side of working in a hospital, for which the Executive MBA has given me plenty of tools. During the program, I gained countless new insights into all aspects of not only business, but also leadership. However right now, I’m going to try and focus on being a good radiation oncologist.”

Advice for future students
For future Executive MBA students An-Sofie has a clear advice: “Step outside of your comfort zone! Talk to people you don’t know yet, ask questions you think might be silly, and above all, enjoy! Your time as a student will fly by!”

Are you ready to challenge yourself?
And do you want to share the classroom with like-minded peers? Then check out the MSM Executive MBA – a demanding but enriching program preparing you for the next step in your career and for any other challenge you would like to take up in your life.