MSM Alumni

MSM alumni are our ambassadors, the biggest pride and an essential asset of our business school. At their turn alumni not only derive benefits from being part of the network, they also build the value of their degree by staying involved in the MSM activities.

Since 1952 Maastricht School of Management has a worldwide knowledge network of over 23,000 alumni organised in chapters or regional alumni communities now in more than 30 countries and expanding. The chapters promote life long learning activities and are strong advocates of access to educational opportunities.

Through digital platforms MSM is closer to alumni than ever before. These interactive platforms invite alumni to share their knowledge and to actively participate in the discussions, blogs and forums held. They are encouraged to build friendships and network with their fellow alumni through the different activities.

“I attribute my success in my political career to MSM. A holistic world class education and training that I received from MSM has definitely been highly instrumental in shaping my destiny.“
Mr. Dorji Wangdi
Member of Parliament, Bhutan