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Banking and Finance MBA Summer Course

Advanced Financial Accounting

Building on the core accounting modules, you are introduced to critical analysis of the financial statements. By combining theory and practical applications, the course focuses on critical issues such as international financial reporting, the different standards applied internationally, estimation and judgment of corporate statements, and accounting policy setting. The theory is supported by applications to enhance the learning experience.

Strategic Management Accounting

The objective of the course is to show how business strategy can be incorporated into management Accounting to enhance a firm's long-term competitive position. In addition, the critical analysis of concepts of cost, cost structure, and cost behaviour, the course also discusses the importance of costing competitors to determine relative competitive position. It examines various problems involved in providing relevant accounting information to management, configured in a way such information can be used for strategy formulation.

Investment Banking

Investment banks provide services and support to advisory-based financial transactions, helping investors, corporations and other entities. The course delivers knowledge about the various activities that an investment bank can help with, such as raising financial capital, to underwriting in securities issuance, mergers and acquisitions and more. The course is designed to equip you with investment banking skills.

Portfolio Management

The Portfolio Management course examines and applies financial theory to the formation and management of portfolios and funds. In addition to the review of classic and modern portfolio theory and the underlying theory of investments, topics include portfolio theory, wealth management, performance valuation and alternative investment assets. The course also introduces you to the basic concepts of risk management to complement the valuation and management part.