MM-MBA Dual Degree Indonesia

Students start the dual degree programme at FEB UI with the UI MM programme (40 UI credits/60 ECTS)

A maximum of 13 UI credits/19,5 EC can be awarded in waivers for online courses provided by MSM-UM courses.

 Year 1
UI core courses MSM-UM Course waivers*


ECTS Taught
Functional Management 3 4.5 FEB-UI Jakarta
Leadership and Organisational Behaviour 2 3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Ethics and Governance Corporate Responsibility and Ethics 2 3 MSM-UM Online
Managerial Economics Economics for Managers 3 4.5 MSM-UM Online
Research and Statistical Methods in Business 3 4.5 FEB-UI Jakarta
Innovation and Entrepreneurship 2 3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Strategic Management 3 4.5 FEB-UI Jakarta
Business Analytics 3 4.5 FEB-UI Jakarta
Business Policy and Case Studies 2 3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Writing and Publishing Workshop 2 3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Final Assessment 4 6 FEB-UI with co-supervision MSM-UM Jakarta/
Specialisation courses MSM-UM expertise track courses 8 12 MSM-UM Online
Elective courses 3 4.5 FEB-UI Jakarta          
Total 40 60

In the second year the students will follow the MSM MBA programme, which includes one mandatory expertise track consisting of four courses. Students have the option to tollow the expertise track courses at the MSM-Um campus in Maastricht. 

A maximum of 15 ECTS of the MSM MBA programme can be obtained through waivers for courses provided by FEB-UI.

Year 2
MSM-UM core courses FEB-UI Course waivers* ECTS Taught by Location
Entrepreneurship Innovation and Entrepreneurship 3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Global Corporate Strategy Strategic Management 3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Leadership and Organisatonal Behaviour Leadership and Organisatonal Behaviour 3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Research Methods Research and Statistical Methods
in Business
3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Decision-Making Tools Research and Statistical Methods
in Business
3 FEB-UI Jakarta
Finance 3 MSM-UM Online
Accounting for Managers 3 MSM-UM Online
Digital Transformation 3 MSM-UM Online
Marketing in a Global Context 3 MSM-UM Online
Global Supply Chain Management 3 MSM-UM Online
Economics for Managers 3 MSM-UM Online
Change Management 3 MSM-UM Online
Managing Cultural Diversity 3 MSM-UM Online
Corporate Responsibility and Ethics 3 MSM-UM Online

Expertise Tracks**

choose one of following tracks:

  • Sustainable Business in the Global Economy
  • Supply Chain Management
  • Entrepreneurship
  • Digital Economy
  • Accounting and Finance

12 MSM-UM        Online or Maastricht

Final Assessment (Master's thesis)

in the form of an Academic Research, a Consulting Project or a Business Plan

16 MSM-UM with co-supervision of FEB-UI Online
Total 70

Students must follow all core courses of UI MM and MSM MBA. Waivers can be offered for the courses indicated. If students follow and successfully complete these courses at FEB-UI/MSM-UM, they can be given a waiver for the MSM-UM/FEB-UI equivalent course.

** MSM reserves the right to cancel an (online) expertise track if the required number of participants is not met.