Master in Management Kuwait

The curriculum of the Master in Management consists of 13 courses, one group company project, a supply chain management project, a personal development portfolio of workshops and an integrative final project resulting in a total of 60 ECTS and equivalent study load of 1800 hours.

Course Educational hrs ECTS
Managing Cultural Diversity 90 3
Data Analytics 90 3
Economics for Managers 90 3
Accounting for Managers 90 3
Human Resource Management 90 3
Finance   90 3
Organizational Behavior 90 3
Marketing Management 90 3
Entrepreneurship and Innovation 90 3
Strategy and Planning 90 3
Digital Transformation of Business 90 3
Application subjects
Personal Development Portfolio (PDP) – throughout the year:
workshops on personal and interpersonal skills
90 3
Group company project (team competition):
Sustainable Business or Digital Economy
90 3
Supply Chain Management Project 90 3
Final assessment
Research Methods 90 3

Academic Research paper

360 15
TOTAL 1,800 60

Note: this curriculum is subject to change.

Group Company Project

During the Master in Management programme you will conduct one group project for a company. You will work in a team with fellow students on solving an actual problem of a specific company in the region. With your team you will compete with other teams consisting of fellow students working on the same case for the same company. The first project will be related to the topic Sustainable Development or to the Digital Economy.

Personal Development Portfolio

Throughout the year you will participate in various workshops to help you develop your personal and interpersonal skills, a vital asset for every manager.

Final project

The Master in Management programme concludes with programme integration, an individual project that will require you to prove your ability to integrate the individual core subjects of the MSM MM programme to solve an organizational challenge. The final project takes the form of an academic research paper.