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Testimonials of previous participants

“I have been running my business for already seven years and I think that the knowledge I gained through the Women Entrepreneurship Policy programme, will help me with the expansion and entrance to global markets.”
Maria Masliy (Ukraine) participant July 2022

“My decision to join the Women Entrepreneurship Policy program is due to the need to explore more in this specific field, as content on this topic is usually not available in the community I live in, or at least not in this depth. I believe that in order to change, I need to have the knowledge to understand all aspects of the women entrepreneurship policy framework"
Aynoor Elberwaki (Lybia), participant July 2022 

“Dr. Josette Dijkhuizen is very experienced and knowledgeable. Also, her methods to deliver information are very creative. I enjoyed listening to her lectures because she helps me to dig deeper in my thoughts and to open new realms of wisdom. I am genuinely grateful to be attending a class with her.”
Aynoor Elberwaki (Lybia) participant July 2022