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Testimonials of previous participants

All diagnostic frameworks and tools which were shared during the class will be extremely helpful in my work! I also appreciate the flow of the lectures and the great examples shared throughout the course.
Tsvetlina Mihaylova (Bulgaria), participant of the May 2022 programme

"The course was great in its entirety. I particularly value two aspects of this course, Tools for Strategic Analysis and Teamwork and Execution. The knowledge I have acquired will enable me to apply strategic tools to identify institutional problems and address these problems by applying effective teamwork skills."
Alexander Mulbah (Liberia), participant Strategic Leadership programme May 2022

"The agriculture sector in Uganda has a very high potential for growth and persest several employment and income generating opportunities for the growing population, especially for youth Albeit a few challenges it faces. This executive program was the perfect fit and will help me to contribute to the different challenges we are facing in the agricultural sector."
Moses Kasigwa (Uganda), participant Strategic Leadership programme May 2022

"Joining this programme was an experience like no other. It was very realistic and relevant. During the program, I could always relate to the different modules and scenarios that play within my organisation. It was exciting to get feedback from the lecturer and the participants who were always ready to share their experiences and best practices."
Kader Lafia Sero (Benin), participant Strategic Leadership programme November 2021

Joining the executive Strategic Leadership programme was more than just earning a certificate. I was really looking for the type of programme that was going to be different than the traditional regional programmes.  A programme less individualistic and competitive and more collaborative, working together with professionals from all over the world. That is what I found in this Strategic Leadership programme.”
Marwa Faizi (Afghanistan), participant Strategic Leadership programme November 2021

"As an Aerospace Engineer I lacked the strategic and leadership skills to work towards a common objective and vision. This course helped me achieving this objective. Furthermore, this course gave me a solid background on how to deal and monitor strategic objectives.
Filippo Bianchi (born in Italy and now living and working in the Netherlands) participant Strategic Leadership programme April 2021

"This course has exposed me to innovative ideas and knowledge about integrating analytical and human dimensions into strategy developing in a way that will create a winning outcome and which will help to get understanding and commitment within my organization to the common agenda. Secondly, I have learnt how to develop the strategic capacity of each of my institution’s stakeholder groups.  With this knowledge, I am now well positioned to develop new perspectives and insights to lead in a way that incorporates both dimensions as we embark on developing the new strategic plan.
Joseph Chibuye (Zambia), participant of the MSM Strategic Leadership programme in April 2021

This programme delivered what it promised with the right number of lectures and examples. The course has taken me on the journey of thinking strategically and provided me with the framework which I can apply in my work.”
Alfonso Martinez (Born in the USA and now living/working in NL), participant of the April 2021 programme

This programme was very well structured and rich, and based on theory, practice and examples, which helped us to better understand the content. This experience helped me to gain knowledge that I will use when working on a new research theme in the future. It is a very interesting course that I will share with my colleagues.
Zakaria Hocine (Algeria), participant of the MSM Strategic Leadership programme in April 2021

"I have gained a lot of knowledge during the MSM Strategic Leadership programme. Their way of learning was 'learning by doing' by taking a practical example of the current status of your organisation and relate it to the course covered and finally share your experiences with other participants. This programme really helps you in becoming a critical thinker and problem solver"
Tarekegn Bulcha Debsu (Ethiopia), participant of the MSM Strategic Leadership programme in January 2020

"It was a very good course. I especially liked the assignment part which forces students to apply what they have learned"
Jennifer Asnahy (Ghana), participant of the MSM Strategic Leadership programnme in January 2020

"This course is very well developed and the content is truly vocational and job specific. Wish to come back again in the near future"
Amir Hamza Syed (Saudi Arabia), participant of the MSM Strategic Leadership programme in January 2020

The course provided me with new cases and experiences both from the consultant as well as from the fellow participants. I love the way this course was delivered. Attention was paid to each of the participants."
Elizabeth Rukmini (Indonesia), participant of the MSM Strategic Leadership programme in January 2020

"The balance between the lecturers and putting the knowledge into practice was very well organized. The practical examples from Leo Kerklaan were interesting and entertaining at the same time. Even though it was an online course, Leo managed to involve everybody in the course and give personal attention and feedback to everybody.” 
Máté Mohácsi (Netherlands), participant Strategic leadership programme November 2020

 "This truly has been one of the most effective courses, I completed within a one week time frame. Leo Kerklaan really challenged our group, to think outside of the box. For me, the part about key metrics was so valuable because it gave me more concrete skills, to measure progress or impact within my organisation. Also the strategic toolbox, was very useful for my organisation"
Moreno Jackson (Suriname), participant of the MSM Strategic Leadership programme in October 2019