Effective Strategies for Local Business Development (Location Indonesia)

In emerging markets, the private sector consists for more than 95% out of Small but Growing Businesses (SGB’s), also referred to as Micro, Small and Medium Scale Enterprises (MSME’s), that operate to a large extent in the informal sector. This is one of the reasons why we know relatively little about them. Yet, MSME’s are the key players in local economic development. What factors have led to their growth and what factors have held them back? To what extent do local MSME’s adhere to ESG (economic, social and governance) standards?

To answer these questions, MSM in collaboration with IPB University, Institute for Leadership and Executive Education (Bogor, Indonesia) is offering the Short Executive blended programme Effective Strategies for Local Business Development programme. Through this blended programme, you will explore key topics at the micro- meso- and macro-levels related to private sector development (PSD) and provide ample ground for debate and reflection.

"This course puts local MSME’s in emerging markets, center stage and shines a light on how they actually work and how they relate to their external environment. It takes an unorthodox view, as it will demonstrate that there is a huge gap between “what is” and “what ought” and between Western management thinking and the realities on the ground, which are often ill understood." - Mr. Dellevoet, lead trainer in this programme

With this blended programme you will get a better understanding of how the private sector in emerging economies can be developed. It will offer considerable space to reflect upon and discuss past and present PSD development efforts, both from an aid perspective as well as through local avenues of private sector development such as micro-finance, impact investments and business development services. The programme takes a strong practice-oriented approach, providing you with examples from practitioners in various countries.