Personal Leadership Skills

The central object of this course is Leadership. The topic is extremely relevant these days, the interest in leadership is overwhelming, reflected in the many ‘hits’ when you google the topic, as well as in the increased interest for adequate leadership skills. Leadership is not a theoretical concept; in the end it is about who you are and what you do. In the context of an organization this implies to be able to deal effectively with vision, strategy, power and influence.

Since the art of leadership is only truly mastered by hands-on experience and practice, you are also invited to practice and reflect on a number of skills.

Developing your personal leadership style and values will be a central theme throughout the programme. Leadership is a very broad topic. This course tackles only part of the subject of leadership and will be a combination of theoretical concepts and practical exercises.

This programme is flexible in its setup and can be adapted to the specific needs and input of the participants during the course. Therefore, we expect participants to take an active role in order to link the different visions and practices to their day-to-day life.